Why GiveMeKnowledge?

Our search engine will provide you with the latest research articles and clinical trial information focused on your individual diagnosis.

Our search engine can help you:

  • have a better-informed dialogue with your doctors and harness medical jargon
  • understand your diagnosis and treatment options based on the best evidence available
  • know which clinical trials you are potentially eligible for and where they are being carried out

You may not be a doctor, but you can read and reflect. You know your case and you are committed.

As shared decision-making is becoming the norm, you can help your doctors greatly by taking an active role in building a bridge from knowledge to practice. And you can improve your own care.

There are several platforms to support knowledge sharing among scientists in both academia and in the industy. Today, none of these are open and dedicated to patients. GiveMeKnowledge intends to bridge that gap.